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Your source for customized microscope systems with high speed imaging that can be fully integrated to meet your biological imaging & processing needs.


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Every Cellular Focus imaging system is uniquely tailored to our client’s needs. Below are a few examples of features we can integrate:

  • GUI with controls for the camera, illuminator and motion control
  • XY stage with up to 305mm x 305mm of travel
  • 6x Zeiss push & click cube filter turret
  • 4x objective turret
  • Scientific sCMOS camera
  • Large display with on screen imaging & GUI
  • Individually selectable LED light sources
  • Machine vision including cell identification, counting and fluorescence detection
  • Integrated microfluidics control
  • Biological incubator
  • Microdissection
  • Automatic consumable loading/unloading turret

Automation / Customization

Cellular Focus can customize our automated imaging station to meet your specific needs.

Image Stitching

Image Stitching

Selectable imaging area image capture with cloud file storage.

 <br> Automation


Automated multi-channel microfluidics control.

 <br> Incubation


On station CO2 incubation and temperature control.

Machine Vision

Machine Vision

Machine vision with detection, decoding and counting capabilities.

Consumable Customization

Consumable Customization

Consumable design and manufacturing.

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Cellular Focus’s team has over 20 years experience designing biological systems and consumables. Our team has automated numerous labor intensive biological processes to allow for scalability and increased quality.

This experience can be applied to successfully customize a system to your needs.

Case studies

Case Studies

Flexomics needed help creating a platform that would involve both fluorescent imaging and fluidics for biological applications. We created a high-throughput automated platform and associated software allowing them to flow in a control-manner various reagents into their microfluidic devices while also enabling complex imaging workflows. This automated platform has allowed Flexomics to engage with external customers and partners to work various applications.


Cellular Focus partnerships allow for fast leads times, reduced costs, and comprehensive technical service and warranties for most components in our systems.


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